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RJF’s experience with disadvantaged students over the past decade has brought insight into the gap these students experience once they leave school. They no longer have the benefit of guidance and counselling with regard to their options post-school. Many of these students are bright and with great potential and their lives could be transformed with the right guidance and support. The Nurture Club seeks to mentor such students from disadvantaged backgrounds, counsel and guide them as they find suitable careers/vocations. ​The program is multi faceted and tailored to the needs of each identified student. Program objectives are:

  • To assist students who have completed high school in finding further education programmes according to their skillsets and potential.

  • To provide information and exposure about opportunities in education and employment.

  • To assist such candidates with immersion experiences and internships if necessary.

  • To organise educational and personal counselling if the need arises.

  • To facilitate social, emotional and financial assistance where necessary through the offices of RJF.

  • To transition students from childhood into responsible and independent adulthood

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