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A National workshop “Eco-Next workshop on Eco-sensitive Zone of Matheran” jointly organized by Grassroots Foundation and Raichel Joseph Foundations. Catalyzed and supported by National Council for science & Technology Communication, Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi was envisioned to be a two part workshop, the first part dealt with 3-days orientation workshop where the first day involved the larger community
(schools & villages) and the next two days interacting with the selected  youth/participants for the workshop. The second part was an advance workshop which focuse on training the youth of these villages to become entrepreneurs and capitalize on the environment the live in through eco-tourism. The part-I workshop helped us to identify and know the youth/participants of the villages
which was imperative to plan the advance workshop. Their strength and weakness were identified which helped us curate the lectures and training sessions. Various interactive activities were added in the advance workshop which engaged the participants.
We approached various institute to help in training and giving first hand information to the participants.
We prepared a companion which provided in-depth information in Marathi and diagrams which helps them understand.
We visited the site multiple times to interact and encourage the participants for the workshop and along with we checked the logistics aspects of it.Through intensive brainstorming session in the studio & multiple site and institution visits,this workshop was formulated.


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