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Shivani Agarwal

Management Team

Shivani is an accomplished chocolatier by profession. Early on her life, she was involved with teaching the mentally challenged and spent considerable amount of time researching on how to use their skill for their betterment. She has been a part of the NSWA Project since the past 10 years and is heading the preprimary section and the Rasta Chaap tutorials


Sumit Agarwal

Management Team

Sumit Agarwal is a businessman by profession. He has been actively involved with NSWA project since the past 6 years. Believes that education is a game changer and can uplift their child and make their family self sustainable. He looks after PR, Fund raising and co-ordination with the BMC.


Management Team

Sandeep is an actuary by profession with 32 years of experience in Life Insurance Industry. He has been involved in the NSWA project since past 5 years due to his passion for teaching maths to students. He is also incharge of all the financials including projections, progress reports and monitoring and tracking our students in the higher grades.

Sandeep Devasthale

Shruti Khanolkar

Operations and Strategy Lead

Shruti's association with Nagriksatta and RJF began during her Teach for India fellowship  in Juhu. Since then she has continued to remain in the social sector as a development professional but feels that is in her true element only when working directly with children and for animal welfare. Shruti strives to live her life with kindness and compassion for all beings.

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